Borders Of The World Notebooks


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Melilla and Ceuta are two Spanish exclaves on the north coast of Africa. They are the only land borders between Africa and the European Union. In the 1990's the border was not more than rolls of barbed wire, but in 1999 the EU resistance to migration led to the Spanish government to build a new double tier fence. Today the 6 meter high fence is guarded with camera's, motion- and noise detectors, and helicopters. Thousands of immigrants still try to cross the fence every year. In 2005 a large group of immigrants climbed the fences in several waves. The Spanish government ordered thusly a third fence to be constructed, a razor wire barrier. It was removed in 2007 after many protests of the many deep cuts it inflicted. Although Morocco does not recognise Spanish sovereignty in Melilla, the Moroccan police guards the fence on the Moroccan side.

Border length: 12,5 km
Established: 1479
Fence height: 6 m (double fence)


Image: ©k. flo razowsky

Aerial view of the two fences with safety corridor in between. Image: ©k. flo razowsky


Storming of the Spanish exclave in 2005. Image: Melilla Hoy


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