Borders Of The World Notebooks


Notebook 64 pages, 16,5 x 22,5 cm. Stencilprinted in yellow cover in black. €15 excl. shipping.

One of the newest border fences built, the Evros fence was completed in december 2012 after one year of construction. On the other 194 km the Evros river functions as a natural barrier, claiming many lives from those trying to cross it. With a length of 12,5 km the fence covers only a small part of the border between Greece and Turkey. As one of the landborders of the Schengen zone, the Evros border is popular for illegal immigrants, and the Greek government hopes the fence will stop the influx. The EU did not support the erection of the fence, because it would not be effective enough. The Greek government ended up paying for the cost of € 3 million. The fence is 4 m high and guarded with watchtowers, foot patrols and 23 thermal cameras. It is integrated with Eurosur, a European border surveillance system. According to Greek officials the fence cannot be climbed without mechanical means.

Border length: 206 km
Established: 1923
Fence height: 4 m

Evros fence. Photo Nikolaj Nielsen

Infographic of the fence construction. Author unknown.

Evros river, where thousands of refugees cross into Europe every year.
Image taken by tetrakinitos


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